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Saturday, December 1, 2018

CBCS Update #6 - Shipping Notice Received!

Follow Wally Monk's First CBCS Submission From Start To Finish

(EDITOR'S NOTEFollow Wally Monk's first submission to CBCS...and see if they live up to the hype, or if you're better off using a different service.)

Got my "your comic is being shipped email" this morning.

141 days from submission to shipping (155 if you count the two weeks from the in-hand drop off at a local con).

That's a really long time - but I've found CBCS customer service overall very proactive and I'll be happy to send more books in. I think I'll pay the extra for "fast pass" from this point forward as I'm not the most patient person.

All in all, thank you CBCS for a good (albeit at times exasperating) experience. 

But could you please update the dog gone dashboard so I can see what MY COMICS'S GRADE IS????

Thank you to Jake and Lisa for answering the customer service line - and for your quick, professional and friendly answers to my questions. Now, just please update the dashboard - the suspense of waiting for my "grade" is killing me!

As always, I am - Wally (AKA Paint Monk)

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