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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Paint Monk Bloggers Featured on Conan Podcast

The Paint Monk and Joeseph Simon talk Conan on the air with Keith Beard

Interested in listening to 45 minutes of pure Cimmerian goodness? Check out, where I talk all things Hyborian Age with fellow PM blogger and editor Joeseph Simon in their latest online installment.

Weirded Wonder, a Cleveland, Ohio based podcast, features talks, interviews and reviews about pop culture, music, and comics on their website. For this session, Joeseph and I were asked to join host Keith Beard for a barbarian chat!

Of course, I forget all the really juicy Conan tidbits being live on the air, so perhaps I can talk about everything I missed if we are invited to do a second installment.

There are definitely some advantages to being a traveling monk - you always meet new people, and you even get to try neat new things, like recording your first podcast. 

Check out the episode below, and please consider "liking" or commenting on the video for the good guys over at!

As always, I am - Wally (AKA Paint Monk)

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