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Monday, April 15, 2019

Blogger Days Are Done...Find us on WordPress!

Paint Monk's Library finds new home at

Thanks to all of you who have been loyal readers here on our Blogger site. Effective Sunday, April 14, this (our old) site will no longer be updated. All of the news, reviews and the Classic Countdown to Conan will still be going strong at our new site with new articles every week. 

Please visit our new permanent home at

Since Google announced their closure of the Google Plus platform, I've been actively working on setting up our site at WordPress.

Don't forget to update your browser and bookmarks! In the meantime, we'll be setting up web forwarding so that Google eventually will redirect you to our new - and permanent - home.

Thanks so much for spending your time with me here - and I'll see you at the new internet location.

As always, I am - Wally (AKA Paint Monk)


  1. Looking forward to the implementation of that awesome new banner! :)

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